Forester Performance Packages - Diesel


With a growing demand from Subaru owners for more power & increased fuel efficiency we looked into offering our customers just that.

We found several options & companies supplying diesel tuning products & also tested the products on our demonstrators. After we completed this process we found the best product for performance, quality & price balance we could offer was from German company Powerhouse Tuning Products GMBH. After agreeing a distribution deal we are now happy to offer the product at a very competitive price.

For more information please contact us, visit the powerhouse website or check out the info below.

Questions & Answers For Diesel Tuning

Is the service-life of the engine influenced decisively?

By the installation of a performance improver (D-Kit) the engine is not over-loaded beyond its capacity limit. The protection and diagnostic functions of the control unit from the manufacture remain fully unchanged. The oil temperature rises only slightly even at full capacity.

How is the increased performance noticeable?

The resulting acceleration and elasticity changes are clearly noticeable. You will already feel a better dynamic of the engine in lower rpm. Depending on the vehicle, the maximum speed will increase around 0-20 km/H.

Does the tuning work also with Tiptronic or automatic system transmissions?

Yes, without problems. We take the corresponding parameters and design into account (depending on the motor vehicle) during the programming of our D-Kits.

Is the consumption also increased by the increased performance?

By the increased torque, the engine becomes more elastic, e.g. can therefore be driven with less changing of gears in city traffic. A consumption reduction of up to 15% is definitely realistic with the same style of driving as before the tuning process.

Does it pass the AU?

Yes, the exhaust values are adhered to with our D - Kits. The particle emission value is only slightly worse than the normal series vehicle.

Is the change recognizable from the outside?

No, but the performance is measurable on the test course. It also isn’t possible to recognize the increase of performance through the diagnostics connection.

Do the maintenance intervals of the motor vehicle change?

No, the specified intervals of the vehicle manufacturer are still authoritative.

Can I carry out the installation myself?

This is fundamental feasible. However, we recommend to have the installation carried out directly by us or a automotive garage. Our technical hotline is at your disposal for questions or installation problems. If additional guarantees are made for the engine and transmission, the installation must be carried out by us or one of our service partners.

Is the tuning process reversible (removable)?

Yes, our D - Kits can be removed again without recognizable manipulation within a short time. The motor vehicle is afterwards in the standard series condition again i.e. the previous tuning process is also no longer apparent. In addition to this, you can install our D-Kit in vehicles with same injection system again. Of course, this is also a cost-savings with regard to possible vehicle changes.

Pros & Cons - Additional control unit or setting change by Eprom?

Admittedly a tiresome topic -  everybody finds the better argument for his product. The fact is, however, both types of tuning are effective, if the supplier installs a proven product. The advantage of the additional control unit lies essentially in an attractive price, flexible use (for example by a vehicle change) and the time and cost-effective installation or removal. With a change in the parameters a modification of the control unit is inevitable (whereas we can program undetected almost all vehicles through the diagnostics connection !!). 

Is there a guarantee?

We grant a 24 months guarantee on our D-Kits (control unit incl. the cable connections). This guarantee is limited to the exchange of faulty components or complete D-Kits.

Will my vehicle manufactures warranty be void?
Any vehicle modification is a grey area it will differ between manufactures, dealers & the nature of the modification & claim. We advise customers who are concerned to check with the relevant manufacture or approved dealer for clarification or to simply unplug & remove the tuning box before any warranty claim.