Legacy Brake System Parts

Hawk Performance Brake Padsfor 2003-2008 Legacy

In our ever lasting search for ways to improve the brake system within a sensible budget on the Legacy 2003-2008 models we are now please to offer from the US Hawk Performance brake pads. HPS-High Performance Street key features. Increased stopping power, high friction hot or cold, gentle on rotors, extended pad life, low dust & low noise level. Also available is the performance ceramic range that are engineered to further reduce dust & noise.

These pads are suitable for 2003-2008 JDM Legacy turbo models & 3.0 UK non turbo models as well as some UK 2.0 models.

Front Pads HPS High Performance Street  £POA  HB533F.668
Front Pads Performance Ceramic  £115.97+VAT  £139.16 including VAT HB533Z.668

DBA Series Slotted Discs for 3.0, Spec B & 03- GT/GT

After many customer requests for improved brake discs with better heat resistance & wear for the UK Legacy 3.0, UK Legacy Spec B & Jap Legacy 2.0 Twinscroll models we are now pleased to be able to offer DBA slotted discs. This is a heavy duty performance spec rotor that incorporates the DBA 6x6 wiper slot design. This design efficiently clears dust & debris, while maintaining consistent friction and a cleaner disc surface Features- Kangaroo Paw ventilation design. Thermal Stability Profiling. Rotor protection paint on hub/hat surface. We have found the DBA discs match up very well with the Hawk performance pads that we also offer. DBA offer many variations of brake discs but we recommend T3 (48 precision CNC machined slots) or T2 (32 slots) for our performance road customers, for more information visit www.dba.com.au


Front Discs Set Club Spec 4000 Series T3 Slot  £249.68 + VAT
Front Discs Set Street Series T2 Slot  £207.36 + VAT


Stainless Steel Brake 6 Hose Kit Custom Made 2003-2008 GT/GTB & 3.0 UK Models

After finding that no UK supplied stainless brake hoses were suitable for the GTB or 3.0 non turbo UK models & that Japanese hoses sets worked out over £300. We are pleased to offer our customers out custom made (using Goodridge parts) high performance stainless steel brake 6 (2xfront 4xrear) hose set.

Stainless hoses help eliminate sponginess under heavy braking, increase braking efficiency & also will not deteriorate like the original rubber type.

Ideal modification when fitted at the same time as DBA discs & Hawk pads to greatly improve the brake system on the 2003- 3.0r & Spec B 3.0 Legacy range.

2003- Legacy 3.0 UK models & JDM GTB  £120.00  WRX015

All prices listed above exclude VAT, delivery & fitting charges. Please contact us if you would like a quote for fitting or delivery. We aim to keep the above items in UK stock but unfortunately this is not always possible.