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Performance Power Packs
The Legacy range of vehicles in the UK is not as well covered as the Impreza for tuning products but we have still found a desire from Legacy owners for performance enhancement products. For the Turbo model Legacy GTB & GTB models we can offer a full Milltek exhaust system package & many other tuning products as found on our website.

Over the last year we have found the demand for tuning packages for the European 3.0 & 2.5 non turbo Legacy models has risen greatly so we are pleased to now be able to offer a cost effective & reliable performance package for these models that produce better than first expected results.

Our research & development showed that fitting expensive custom exhaust systems to the non turbo models showed no real benefit over the standard system so the only additional option we advise for power gain is a performance air filter. The Ecutek custom map is applied to the original ECU, Ecuteck provide us with a code bespoke to your ECU that is then custom set up to your vehicle by our team.

We have also found that Legacy owners have reported a noticeable decrease in Fuel consumption (less need to be on throttle with extra torque gained) and are also pleased with the idea of no visual exterior differences & no ECU changes being visible.

We have also now successfully mapped a 3.6 non turbo Legacy & also have the Ecutek software to map SI drive models that we can set up with different switchable maps for further improved economy & performance options


Package Examples

Package Items

Fitted Price

Euro Legacy 2.5, 3.6 & 3.0 
Non Turbo Models including SI drive models.

Ecutek Custom Map
(example gain Legacy 3.0MT gain 24.3bhp & 22.7lbft at wheels)


JDM Legacy 2.0 Twinscroll Turbo 
BP/BL Models

Custom Ecuteck map



Note- All prices include all parts, mapping & fitting costs but exclude VAT.
Power figures given are examples from actual vehicles mapped by us & are given as conservative figures produced using Ecutek delta dash, please enquire regarding your specific vehicle spec for guideline power figures.


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