Fiesta ST MK7 2013-

MP215 Kit

The Mountune Performance MP215 package for the new Ford Fiesta ST MK7 2013- consists of:

Once upgraded power increases to 215PS at 6000rpm and torque is raised to 320Nm at 3,000rpm.

The upgrade will produce performance returns of 0-60mph in 6.4 seconds and drops the 31-62mph in-gear time to 5.7 seconds - 0.7 seconds quicker than in standard form.

Mountune have tested the upgrades on British B roads and on numerous laps of the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife.

This upgrade can be fitted to any model year of Fiesta ST, new or used, and has a minimum 12 months/12,000-mile warranty on parts supplied against manufacturing defects and is the only performance upgrade that will not affect your manufacturer base vehicle warranty.

MP215 Kit Fitted price including VAT £694.40

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Cat Back Exhaust System

The mountune Performance cat-back exhaust reduces back-pressure and improves performance whilst keeping cabin intrusion / boom to a minimum.

A Helmholtz chamber design is utilised in the rear silencer which helps cancel out unwanted frequencies due to the way in which the exhaust gas waves are reflected. Utilising this system, despite being more complicated and expensive to manufacturer, ensures back-pressure remains low, providing the optimum in terms of performance, whilst removing as many of the unwanted frequencies / cabin boom as possible.

The staggered tail-pipe trim adds to the occasion and both trims feature laser-etched 'mountune' logos.

As a mountune Performance product, it's also the only cat-back exhaust available for your Fiesta ST that will not affect the base vehicle warranty and comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


• High-flow cat-back exhaust design improves performance
• Engineered Helmholtz resonator for a less intrusive, performance sound
• High quality stainless construction with CNC welds
• Staggered, twin-tailpipe trims with laser-etched mountune logo
• Does not affect base vehicle warranty
• Limited lifetime warranty
Cat Back Exhaust System Fitted price including VAT £576.40

Sports Spring Kit

The mountune sport spring kit for mk7 Fiesta ST has been developed to enhance the already-sublime handling, with improved performance and looks, and without compromising the overall vehicle dynamics.The outcome of countless validation miles on numerous British “B” roads, various race tracks, and the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife, this is the ultimate spring upgrade set for the mk7 Fiesta ST. Offering enhanced performance with an aggressive and level stance, the mountune sport spring kit has been engineered to optimise the performance of your mk7 Fiesta ST and will make your car even more gratifying to drive.

5% poundage increase front and rear
Front ride height reduction 28mm
Rear ride height reduction 20mm
Finished in mountune yellow
Sports Spring Fitted price with tracking including VAT £379.00

High Performance Alloy Intercooler

This part does not affect the base vehicle warranty. The mountune Performance high performance alloy intercooler upgrade includes everything you need to optimise the performance of your mk7 Fiesta ST and is the foundation for further power upgrades. Using a 7-row extruded tube and fin core, the mountune alloy intercooler upgrade gives a marked improvement in both air charge temperature (ACT) and pressure drops, ensuring optimum charge air temperature and therefore power, is available from the excellent 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine. Our alloy intercooler upgrade also maximises the available package space, while retaining the essential OE air management ducting for the Ford cooling system.

Superior tube and fin construction

No drilling required
Black powder coated finish - with choice of mountune logo in white or yellow
Improved core surface area over OE
Works in harmony with mTune 215 Upgrade Package, and Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit


The packaging for the OE intercooler and radiator on the mk7 Fiesta ST is very compact, leaving little space to effectively and safely install an upgraded intercooler. The mountune intercooler upgrade was engineered to retain the original Ford cooling pack or air ducting system. This helps maintain engine cooling temperatures thereby avoiding "over-heat" conditions that reduce engine power. Removal of the vehicle's original cooling pack and using a larger intercooler core could cause an increase in engine coolant temperature, inducing engine safety strategies that reduce engine power for protection.

High Performance alloy Intercooler £596.40 including fitting & VAT

High Flow Induction Hose & Clips

This part does not affect the base vehicle warranty.

The mountune Performance high-flow induction hose for the mk7 Fiesta ST was engineered to increase air flow to the turbocharger, and replaces the restrictive factory hose between the air box and the turbocharger inlet pipe.

Manufactured exclusively for mountune by SamcoSport, the mountune high flow induction hose features stainless steel wire reinforced sections to prevent deformation under engine load. Back-to-back comparisons with the OE hose on mountune's in-house flow bench revealed an impressive 35% improvement in airflow.

In addition this is the only silicone induction hose available that will not affect your base vehicle warranty.

All of our silicone hose range also benefits from the SamcoSport lifetime warranty, for added piece of mind.

Increased airflow and power
High quality silicone construction
Machined alloy insert allows easy installation of original breather hose
Stainless steel wire reinforced to prevent deformation
Easy installation
Lifetime warranty
Hoses available in three colour options: mountune black and yellow, blue, red.
High Flow Induction Hose & Clips £148.32 including fitting & VAT.