Focus RS Mk3



FPM375 Power Upgrade Kit

The Ford Performance by Mountune FPM375 power upgrade boosts power from 350PS to 375PS and increases maximum torque from 470Nm to 510Nm.

The kit includes a high performance air filter, bespoke alloy crossover duct with high performance silicone hose, an upgraded re-circulation valve and revised software tuning for the engine ECU.

The FPM Kit for Focus RS can be installed by David Hendry Cars as a Mountune appointed Ford dealer and is fully compatible with the base vehicle warranty, meaning Ford Performance by Mountune vehicles continue to be covered against mechanical failure.

  • High-Flow induction kit
  • Upgraded re-circulation valve
  • FPM375 calibration
  • FPM badge

Fitted price including VAT £1,042.10

Header Axle-back Exhaust System

Constructed from ultra thin-wall stainless steel, the mountune CAD designed and optimised Focus RS axle-back exhaust design has yielded a typical weight-saving of 28% over standard, a real-world reduction of over 3kg!

In addition to the substantial weight-saving, the back-pressure has also been significantly reduced thanks to the highly-efficient resonator internals, improving engine performance.

When installed on a standard vehicle the mountune axle-back transforms your RS’ soundtrack. This experience is then further enhanced with the optional functionality that the mTune handset offers via an exhaust optimised mountune calibration.


  • Lightweight, thin-wall stainless steel - 28% lighter
  • Reduced-back pressure high-flow internals
  • User-defined audible optimisation available via mTune
  • Includes new valve and motor assembly
  • CAD designed and optimised

Fitted price including VAT £1,145.40